March 2016 @billmywork
Aditya (Ady) - 08 April 2016

Welcome to another monthly edition of the affordable and advanced invoicing software for your small business. This month we have so much goodness to offer.

The entire team (me) has been busy adding and sharpening the software to make it much faster and build more features to help you save time and money. A total of 173 commits were made and several bugs squashed, quite impressive given the tight deadlines under which we operate.

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New Feature - Purchase Orders

We are adding the ability to manage purchase orders via the software. Your business interactions now can be two-way, with your vendors and your clients. This sprung from a conversation I had with a friend who wanted the ability to create and send purchase orders via the software.

We clearly did not have the feature and I did not want to lose his feedback or his business, so it was decided that this new feature will be bolted on the software and as quickly as possible. Recognizing his need I promised I would make this work for him within a few days and I did.

Purchase Orders

This is the first attempt at creating purchase orders via the system and we will be enhancing the feature incrementally, refinements and improvements will following in near future release. As of now the following is supported by the software for purchase orders.

  1. Create new vendors and manage them separately from your clients. This includes storing their details and archiving/deleting and activating as needed.
  2. Snapshot details for each vendor with all purchase orders showing up for easy access.
  3. Professional PDF with your logo.
  4. Generate preview prior to sending.
  5. Purchase order settings, similar to how an invoice setting can be stored for later reuse.
  6. Pagination, Sorting on the data to access it faster.
  7. Uploading attachments with a purchase order.
  8. Sending and tracking emails of the purchase orders.
  9. Added an email template for the purchase order, so there is no need to enter the same information again and again.
  10. Activity tracking for purchase orders, making it easier to see how many orders were worked on in the recent past.
  11. Timeline view for the purchase orders, so you can navigate between dates and see the data quickly.
  12. Instant copy to create a purchase order using a previous version, another way to save you time and money.
  13. Ability for your clients to review a purchase order, via the client portal. Similar to how a client portal grants access to invoices.

This is a large feature which we implemented in barely a few days, it goes to show how stable and well thought out the software implementation is. We are committed to deliver the best software at an affordable price. The quest will only stop when our customers (you) are completely satisfied and think the world of us.

Release notes

  1. Upgraded to the latest JDK Version
  2. Database upgrades to the most recent Postgres 9.3.x release
  3. Performance refinements for data table and grids.
  4. We have upgraded to the latest dependencies where needed, stale software is simply disallowed in our kitchen :-)

This has been a much needed performance bump, not only have we reduced network data transfer but each data fetch has ensured that only the least amount of data is transferred from the server to the client and that is just a time saver in performance. As such our goal is to transfer less than 7K worth of data once a page has loaded as the user begins interacting with the application.

Why is this important? A significant part of our infrastructure cost is network data transfer cost. Less data transferred results in lower cost to us and guess what you get the data faster and that saves you time and money. Let me rephrase, that saves everyone time and money. I am super excited about that :-) I am confident that with this release your navigation experience and interaction with the data grids will surpass any competing product and even a previous version of the release.


And finally a word on the road map. Our team is growing and our consulting practice is taking off. Managing customer expectations and delivering on promises is important to us. We have embarked on a mobile version of the software that will be at first delivered on the Apple iOS platform using the latest Swift implementation. We are committed to serving our customers as they grow increasingly mobile.

Hope you like this release. Enjoy, until next time.

-- Ady

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