Server/Database/Software Updates
Aditya (Ady) - 02 August 2016

It has been two long months since our last update. We have been working extremely hard here at - billmywork. We have covered a lot of ground and applied software and server upgrades across the full stack of the software. We are now running the latest versions of all binaries from the database down all the way up to the view layer of the product, what you eventually appreciate and use.

We know applying the software upgrades in time allows us to refactor the software and prepare for the future and continue to provide the best software for your money.


Ubuntu Server - 16.0.1 LTS

Our linux flavor of choice is now running on 16.0.1 LTS the latest server update released from Canonical. The upgrade was tested and verified across the board, and we took the time to test the software before applying the upgrade. We hope you enjoy the experience. :-)

Postgres 9.5

We have updated the database to use the current 9.5 stable release, and with that comes a tonne of performance improvements.

Spring Framework

Spring framework is now upgraded to 4.3.X release and with that comes several bug fixes and performance upgrades.

Hibernate Release 5.2

Our persistence framework is now running on Hibernate 5.2 the latest release from the awesome folks at JBoss.

Freemarker Template

All emails are now sent via Freemarker templates library, and the future release of software might use freemarker as the template solution.

Javascript upgrades

Wherever necessary we have upgraded the client libraries to work with the latest versions of dependent libraries.

Bug fixes

Multiple bug fixes from payment processing to performance, ensuring a smooth experience.

Performance upgrades

With each new release we have taken the opportunity to optimize and improve all aspects of the software.

The entire team has worked hard in applying and testing over 200 commits over the last few months. We are still in churn for the mobile version of the software and we have made rapid progress in the prototype and technology selection. The API work is nearing completion and we will release a mobile version later this year for everyone to provide feedback on.

Until next time :-) -- Ady

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