Customize Expenses
Aditya (Ady) - 22 February 2016

Every business is different. Each one of us want to store the details we see fit. We want to tailor the software to our needs. Starting today we allow customers to create their own customized expense categories. Although we feel our predefined list of expense categories should be sufficient, but it is your business after all :-)

Custom expense categories

Once a custom category has been defined, navigate over to the expense screen and you can select the newly created custom expense category to store your expenses. A custom expense category also has a unit cost associated with it. If used, we will automatically calculate the total amount on the expense based on number of units.

Custom expense categories can be used to manage mileage costs per year. You can create a custom category with a label as Mileage 2016 with a unit cost of .54 cents. This definition can then be used on the expense screen, where you can enter the unit and the total mileage expense will be automagically added.

Custom expense categories can be archived, so if you no longer want to use the same category, go ahead, place it in the archive box. You may delete a custom category altogether, in that case, all the expenses stored with that category will be assigned to the Other category.

All about custom expense categories

  1. Add up to 20 custom categories
  2. Unit cost per expenses, we compute the amount for you, automagically
  3. Archive/Delete your categories
  4. on delete, the custom categories are assigned to the "Other" category
  5. Build custom reports based on the defined categories


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