Estimate workflow
Aditya (Ady) - 05 February 2016

We have been busy last few days incorporating estimate workflow into the product. If your business is based on receiving approval from your client, then this is just the perfect solution for you. This is how it works.

Portal Access

First and foremost, give your customer the portal access. This can be done on the "Edit" screen for that client. The contact information is used for setting up the client portal. A password is generated for your customer. This enables the customer to review all your communication with them, via a single portal, designed just for them.

Client Portal Access

Prepare the quote

Go ahead create an estimate with all the necessary data. And yes, you may include attachments or any additional information as documents. You may then "Save and Submit". Submitting your estimate, makes the estimate eligible for review by your client. As soon as you submit the quote, the quote is available in the "Pending Approval" queue of your client.

Estimate Pending Approval

Client Review

The client can then review the estimate and based on their discretion, approve or reject the estimate. A section for the reason for approval or rejection is also provided. An email will be sent out on approval or rejection so you can get notified immediately. Saving you time and money.

Estimate Pending Approval

Begin work

Once approved, you may proceed with your work and go ahead convert that approved estimate into an invoice just with the click of a button.


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