Invoice/Estimate attachments
Aditya (Ady) - 01 February 2016

What a way to begin a new month, starting today customers can attach documents to outgoing invoices. We all need to bundle our stuff and send one consolidated email to our clients. This features makes it easier for you, to upload documents and include in your invoice.

Go ahead, attach the documents and these will be available for your clients when seen on the client portal. You can even attach documents to an estimate. We make the impossible, possible.

Steps to attach documents

  1. First create your invoice, we need to know which invoice to upload documents to.
  2. Head over to the "Edit Invoice" screen, if not already on it.
  3. Look for the "Attach File" button on the top menu bar.
    Attach any file to an invoice
  4. This will launch the attachment modal as shown below. Go ahead select the files you want to upload. Uploads can be done one at a time.
    Manage invoice attachments
  5. All set and ready to email. Go ahead and launch the email modal and voila the option to include attachments is available. Select and send, all the documents will be sent to your client. Do a little happy dance :-)
    Attach email to estimates and invoices
  6. When your client is ready to view the estimate/invoice, this is what they see. All your documents along with the estimate/invoice as PDF.
    Client attachment for invoices

The same process can be repeated for your quotes and estimates. Any document can be attached to your estimates. Your customer can then review and approve or request for more information. Streamline your workflow, do not get lost in emails. All your work in one place, at a single price. Grow as you need.

billmywork, the affordable invoicing software.

Now that is how we define "easy" :-)

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