Billmywork - Wildfly 10
Aditya (Ady) - 03 February 2016

We had been running and testing our software on Wildfly 10 RC5 for a few weeks now and everything looked great. So when I heard the news, wildfly 10 was released, it was a given I would upgrade the billmywork servers to the latest and greatest release. This morning the servers are upgraded and our software is serving Wildfly 10 baked content. Wahoo!!

Wildfly server

Wildfly is powered by undertow and for some interesting performance benchmarks, please see here. Interesting to note that undertow/postgres/servlet raw combination does very well. Round 11 - Techempower benchmarks

Why the urgency? Is it prudent to wait, just let the new release settle down a tad and the bug fixes be available, then we could upgrade. That is a cautious approach, but we always look at the bright side. If it breaks, we will fix it , right away. The sooner it breaks the better for everyone.

Good news is we had been testing on the new server for a while and there is absolutely no reason that our customers should wait to benefit from the latest release. Optimized software with better releases, performs faster with arguably lower memory consumption, faster response times with support for a tonne of features. I take the simple view, if the customer will benefit from it, we are going to release it.

No more waiting a "quarter" of a month to get a search filter on the client dropdown like some leading accounting services providers will do. With billmywork, new software is immediately considered to be bundled as part of the next release. We want to engage our customer, we want to delight them at a much lower price offering. In fact it took us a few days to add the attach document feature to the estimates and invoices.

We ask you....why are you over paying for your accounting software? It is time to make a change and save your money :-) Try billmywork for a single plan $10 USD/month/user. One pricing that grows with your business.


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