Pricing conundrum
Aditya (Ady) - 25 January 2016

It is 19.95 a month for 3 clients. No wait, it is 9.95 a month for 3 clients. No wait, it is 12.95 a month for 5 clients.And so the conundrum continues. Yes it can be difficult to figure out the sweet pricing spot that seems fair. But really, it should take more than a few months to figure it out, baffles me ;-) All the pricing fluctuations from the folks @ Freshbooks is making my head spin. Now that I think of it, won't it be nice to have one price and let the customer grow as needed. To bring the cost of software down and add more money to your pocket, the small business owner. One pricing, add users as needed. Most small businesses want that option and we offer that with a smile. You can get started with billmywork for just 7 USD a month, unlimited clients, unlimited invoices.

Freshbooks pricing

Image as of January 25 2016

Really, 12.95 for just 5 customers. That is a little expensive, even if I have to pay for support staff that I never use?

Compare to billmywork , you will get unlimited customers and unlimited invoicing for just 7 USD a month. This is not even a comparison anymore. Ok granted we don't have the mobile platforms to support or a wonderful customer support service, but we want to lower the threshold for entry just a tad.

I am all in favor of charging the customer for services provided, but it seems expensive in my humble opinion. Freshbooks is clearly the leader on a kick-ass invoicing software, but not on pricing. The customer deserves an affordable accounting software that doesn't break their bank. After all that is what small business is about, extending the dollar. Test drive your free trial.

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