Brand new release
Aditya (Ady) - 24 January 2016

Happy New Year, everyone. I am pleased and excited to release the recent updates. We have been hard at work updating the software to the latest version. At billmywork we are always looking to keep the software running with up-to-date version of dependencies. What this means for you is access to latest technologies, it is our promise of free upgrades that you do not have to pay for, ever.

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New and improved website

I hope you enjoy the recent website changes, better layout and upgrade to Bootstrap 4, which we are super-excited about. Preparing in advance for the release, means you will browse with ease and access the information you need, much better than before. For more information on Bootstrap 4 you may go here - Twitter Bootstrap 4- Alpha.

Many thanks to the team @ Bootstrap, you guys are awesome.

Software features

We have added the following features to boost your productivity even more.

  1. Email templates - predefined messages to use when sending emails to your customers. Write once, use all the time.
  2. Java 8 - We have been running on Java 8 in our TEST settings, it is time to apply the same to our production servers.
  3. Improved layout - for better navigation and ease of discovery, with material colors.
  4. Preparing for release of Wildfly 10, we are ready to upgrade.
  5. Performance improvements and bug fixes for future stable releases.
  6. REST API for future integration with mobile platforms. Yes we are getting ready for native mobile versions to complement the web version. This promises to be our biggest effort yet to our customers.

In addition to the above there are a host of upgrades that the application depends on. These are javascript libraries and java libraries we use to support the software. Doing this in a timely manner ensures compatibility and keeping up with changing times.

We are in the process of updating the documentation and will be upgrading sections to our website to provide the information. Very soon the Beta period will be over and we will go live. Simple, affordable online invoicing.

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