May 2016 @billmywork
Aditya (Ady) - 02 June 2016

It is time for a monthly update and releasing an upgraded version with more features and a smooth experience for our customers at no extra cost. This is an outright benefit for software on the cloud, once setup on our subscription plan, there is never a need to "pay" for an upgrade. All features are available at no extra cost to you. With that out of the way, let us showcase exactly what has been keeping us busy this month of May.

We hope you like the features we have released this month, and continue to benefit from the time saving features available in our software.


  1. Automated Invoice Reminders

    We have added the ability to enabled reminders for unpaid invoices that have been sent to your customers. With reminders enabled, you have the option to apply up to two reminders per invoice. Customize the message and how many days after the due date on an invoice, the reminder must be sent.
  2. Attach timesheet(s) to invoice

    Timesheets attachments that are uploaded by your employees are automatically attached to the invoice at the time of generating the invoice via the generate invoice feature. This is super handy, when you are ready to bill your clients for hourly work done by your employees on projects for your client.
  3. Site redesign

    We have made changes to the site for improved readability and offering of our product. Documentation sections have been updated and more relevant content is added to better display the features to the users.
  4. Javascript upgrades

    Wherever necessary we have upgraded the client libraries to work with the latest versions of dependent libraries.
  5. Bug fixes

    Multiple bug fixes from payment processing to performance, ensuring a smooth experience.
  6. Performance upgrades

    With each new release we have taken the opportunity to optimize and improve all aspects of the software.

Automated Invoice Reminders

This feature has been on our list for some time now and we are happy to release this in our current version. We know how difficult it can be to get paid on time. Most clients need reminders that show your seriousness in getting paid as per the terms of your agreement. How do automated reminders work?

Invoice reminders
Setup reminders

Follow these steps to enable reminders on invoices.

  1. You may setup two reminders. Reminders can be enabled for "days after due date" only at this time.
  2. Pick reasonable intervals for reminders, that is 7 days after due date for the first reminder, followed by the second reminder, 14 days after the due date.
  3. Customize the message per reminder, it can help to be a little forceful in your language when getting paid.
  4. Reminders apply to invoices that are:
    1. Unpaid and sent to the client via email (or marked as sent in the software)
    2. Active in the system (not archived or deleted)
    3. The customer contact email is entered, so we know who to send the reminder to.

That's it, at this time reminders are enabled and your customers will receive a notification via email, reminding that their payment is past due. Sleek, eh? :)

Timesheet uploads and invoice attachments

Although time entry is a first class feature in the software, many times we are required to upload screenshot of the time entry system at the client site. With this feature, timesheet attachments uploaded by your employees, can be attached to an invoice. This makes it very simple to bundle all the relevant documents for the invoice and send it along to your clients for payment.

Generate invoice with timesheet


Follow these steps to include timesheet uploads as attachments

  1. The employee/contractor must add their time as well as attach any files for that time period.
  2. Once attached and time is entered, the employee/contractor submits the timesheet.
  3. We are all set, time has been entered and any documents that are needed are associated with the timesheet via the upload.
  4. Proceed to the Generate Invoice option under the Money Tab
  5. Perform the selection as shown above, selecting the data range, user, client and project, with the option to attach timesheets.
  6. If the user selected has entered time with the attachments uploaded, the system will automatically reference those in.
  7. The following screen shows how the screen will be after the invoice is generated and ready for review. Timesheet uploads as attachments to invoice
  8. Shown above are 5 timesheet attachments that will be attached to this invoice automatically at the time of creation.
  9. Go ahead, save the invoice and when you are ready to email your customer, the details will be bundled in one click.
  10. Easy, that is how we get work done here at billmywork

Site redesign

We have overhauled our website with content updates to showcase all the excellent features and the work we are putting in to make your life easier. With time more details will be added to the documentation and other sections to better assist our customers finding content that is relevant to them. We hope you like the new design and are able to find the information you are looking for easily.

Javascript upgrades

With passing time libraries and dependencies that make the software tun faster and efficiently are improved. We incorporate the changes as soon as they are available without breaking current working features. This release we have applied several upgrades on the client side scripts for improvements. Reduced content squeezed through the network results in a faster seamless experience for all.

Bug Fixes

We wish we wrote software that works perfectly, that is however not the reality. Bugs exist in the system and we are constantly fixing and improving the software. These fixes are at no cost to you, as our customer you get these upgrades at no cost.

Wrap up

A lot of work and long hours have gone into making the release for this month a good one. We hope this makes your accounting life easier and you can get more work done for less. Saving you time and money, our mission.

Until next month :-)

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