Invoice Reminders - Before/After Invoice Due Date
Aditya (Ady) - 08 June 2016

So, a few days ago I get on a call with a client for releasing payment on an invoice. Most of us that run a small business know that getting a client to pay is a tedious and time consuming process. At the end of the phone call I learned that the client prefers if a reminder be sent "before" a due date is approaching on an invoice.

Now, I know we coded for all reminders for an outstanding invoice be "after" a due date. We also coded so only two reminders could be setup, in our previous release. This seems limiting and I felt that we want to cover all aspects of reminders to our clients, with the ultimate goal of being paid on time.

We are happy to release the product update to accommodate the "before" option and bumping the reminder options to three reminders. That should do it for invoice reminders :-0)

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  • Create and manage up to three reminders
  • Setup "BEFORE" or "AFTER" options for sending reminders
  • Customize messages
  • Configure days (before/after) due date on an invoice


Here are the steps you can follow to setup invoice reminders for an invoice

  1. Go to Settings > Reminders
  2. You will be presented with the option of setting up to three reminders as shown.
    Invoice Reminder setup
  3. Select "Before/After" reminders with days "before/after" the due date on an invoice.
  4. Check your messages to ensure they match the intent of the reminder.
  5. Save each reminder individually.
  6. A reminder can be reset, by clicking the Delete button

All set. reminders will be emailed to your clients per your settings defined in the software. Easy, affordable invoicing software billmywork!

Stay tuned :-)

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