Timesheet Draft and Reminders
Aditya (Ady) - 15 June 2016

Running a service based business is challenging. Managing clients, projects and employees that work on those projects is an involved process. Ranging from contract signatures to project setup, to accurate hours billing and to generate an invoice. Managing all these together can take a lot of your time. Another challenge is getting your employees to enter time correctly on a due date. Most employees do not like to enter time, not sure why, I hate it myself too.

So, how about we let the software do the automation for the employee, with the employer setting default hours to be filled each week. If hours are pre-filled, the employee will not have to enter hours, only the project they worked on and do a review to match the actual hours worked.

Process How it works?

  1. System administrator (you) enables timesheet approval workflow.
  2. Timesheet settings are set to send out draft email with default hours populated for the week.
  3. Pick a day of the week and enter the message to be sent to your employees.
  4. The employee receives a note, the timesheeet is ready and proceeds to review by clicking the link
  5. The employee username is also provided in the email, to use for login, in case they do not remember.
  6. The employee reviews the hours and uploads any attachment and submits.
  7. Timesheet settings can be set for reminder email - pick a day and the message to send.
  8. The software will send an email to employees that have not submitted timesheet for the previous week, with the embedded link to enter the time.

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Here are the steps you can follow to setup invoice reminders for an invoice

  1. Go to Settings > Timesheet
  2. You will be presented with the option of setting timesheet as shown.
    Timesheet Settings
  3. Enable timesheet approval, this will switch your default views to enable timesheets
  4. Check the "Hours" label, to enable default hours be pre-filled into each "draft" timesheet.
  5. Select the "Draft Email" day of the week, this draft will be sent.
  6. Enter the draft message to be included when sending the message to your employee(s).
  7. Pick a day for the "reminder" to be sent
  8. Enter the message to be sent as a reminder to your employee(s).

Draft Timesheet

The email sent out to your staff members includes a link to review/submit hours on a draft timesheet. The hours are pre-filled as specified under the settings.

This is what the employee will see,when they are ready to review their time. Hours are pre-populated, which can be adjusted per need and any attachments can be uploaded.

Timesheet Pre-poulated hours

All set. Your staff will receive an email with the link to submit their timesheet, using pre-filled default hours. The employee can review the hours upload any attachments and submit the timesheet. Easy, affordable invoicing software billmywork!

Stay tuned :-), more goodness to follow.

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