February 2016 @billmywork
Aditya (Ady) - 11 March 2016

A few weeks have gone by and we have made significant updates to our product. At billmywork, we are constantly improving the core product with new features and fixing bugs. We have been so busy improving every aspect of the software. Below is a summary of all the hard work that has gone in to realizing the product in its current form, we hope you like it :-)


We have added several new capabilities in the software, that improve the value offering. We simply want to offer the best product at a nominal price. We see no reason that the customer should over-pay for branded offering. Feedback is appreciated, write to us directly -

Quick Time Entry

Who has the time to enter details for an entire month, on a per day basis. There are many of us that need to do it quickly and be done with it. The quick time entry option is for those folks.

  1. Pick a start and an end date.
  2. Pick the days that you want to "skip", in most cases the weekend (Saturday/Sunday).
  3. Pick the Client/Project/Task. enter hours and notes and hit save.
  4. You have just entered time for an entire month in a few clicks.

It is now very easy to generate an invoice based on time entered. We save you time and money so you can do more with less.Focus on what matters most, your business, we focus on saving you time and helping you get paid faster.

Quick Time Entry Click and done

Quick time entry

Client Upload

Now you can upload a CSV list of your clients into the system, without having to manually enter each client one at a time. The CSV import will allow up to 50 customers to be added at a given time. You can also use an Excel spreadsheet to do the same task. We are excited with this feature, especially for customers that are looking to switch from Freshbooks or Harvest. Just format the data in the sample CSV format and upload in a few clicks.

Client details Upload CSV

Client Upload via CSV

Expense Upload

We have extended the upload feature to expenses as well. This is quite handy as many of us track expenses quickly via spreadsheets. An expense upload makes it easier to enter expenses, maybe on a weekly or monthly basis, so you do not spend time entering data in the system Keep a record of the expense in a file and come end of week/month, go right ahead and upload the file. The system will prompt for all the expenses it it about to import and after verifying the import, the customer can upload the data.

Expenses Upload CSV

Upload expenses

Support Ticket

Now you can enter a support ticket right from the system. When you login, the Support link can be used to enter a new request. This request is emailed to us and someone from our support/development team will respond in a timely manner. You may also track progress on a ticket, and view the changes that have been made. Rest assured that we will do our best to meet your needs and help you with using the software.


Support Tickets


The documentation for the software is lacking to say the least and we are aware of this. In the next few weeks a lot of effort will be targeted towards improving the documentation. Documentation will be made searchable and we will complete the core sections of the product, to make it easier for new users to get familiar with the software.

Invoice/Estimate Default Settings

Invoice and estimate settings allow you, to enter the information once. Information such as payment terms, notes, currency and online payment methods. When entered under the settings, this information is used across all invoices and estimates, respectively. This greatly reduces the data you will enter at the time of invoice/estimate creation.

Estimate Settings

Estimate Settings


Google fonts have been used and now you have the ability to choose the font for your PDF. Pick from Roboto, RobotoSlab, Lato and more. The fonts are available under the invoice settings, once selected the same font will be used for all PDF generated via the software.

Estimate Settings

Custom Google PDF Fonts on invoices


There have been a host of improvements in general. We test our software with the latest binaries and release as soon as we deem ready. Better error handling on user interface - Introducing lightweight error prompts on the screen, that do not distract you from the main purpose.


Previous releases focused on server side validation at all times, however this can result in network calls for each push. There is benefit in introducing data validation on the user interface, which will help reduce the stress on the server. You know what that means, less network calls, less payload to exchange and that will reduce our cost in the long run. Win-win for everyone.

Library upgrades

We are now running the latest version os Spring/Hibernate, you get the latest in technology when it is released, not a few months after. At billmywork, we embrace changes and act quickly for the benefit of our customers. There is also an improvement in memory footprint as we have removed unused libraries and made the software faster.

The runtime has been upgraded to the latest versions on tbe middleware and database.


Yes we killed them, a lot of them and we are still at it :-). Over 50+ issues identified and resolved.

Upcoming features

Automation and Reminders

We have laid the foundation of a batch module. This software module will allow customers to set a schedule for outgoing invoices and reminders. Expect this feature in the next month or so. We think automation is key in reducing time you spend managing your paperwork. There are a lot of new features we are planning to support that goal.


Billmywork has a responsive design, so it renders correctly on each device you use. However we know many of our customers will benefit from a dedicated mobile platform. To that end we have begun laying the foundation of a mobile platform that will serve both iOS and Android customers. This is a major milestone for us and we are excited for what the future holds for us. And yes, you will be getting a taste of the latest in technology.

Payment Gateways

We are planning on integrating with Dwolla in a future release. This should be quick and available soon, watch our blog postings for details.

Enjoy folks, until next time :-)

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