April 2016 @billmywork
Aditya (Ady) - 02 May 2016

Welcome to another installment of the monthly release from the team at billmywork. We have been hard at work updating and releasing new features this month and are so excited as the software continues grow with more features added and aims to be the most affordable software for managing your business.

Here is a breakdown for this release.

  1. Timesheets (Weekly)
  2. Timesheet PDF with "logo"
  3. Timesheet Approval (Client and Self)
  4. Timesheet attachments
  5. Client portal view and approvals.
  6. Search - Pagination and Filter (several criteria)
  7. Java and library upgrades
  8. Bug fixes and performance upgrades

Timesheets and Approvals

From the very beginning the time entry features offered were sufficient to serve a freelancer or a small team. However, the ability to track time using timesheets and enable approval was missing. A few of our clients approached us to enable the feature for them.

After a few iterations we are now enabling this feature in the current release. This release is loaded with features that will save you time and money, as always :-)

How to enter an approve timesheets?

The time entry capability with and without approval is different. You may turn Approvals on and by doing so, can only enter time via timesheets on a weekly basis. At any time, if you do want to restore functionality sans approval, you may turn approvals off.

  1. Go to Settings > Account > Timesheet
  2. Choose the option to enable timesheet approvals as shown below.
    Timesheet enable approval
  3. Once enabled the time entry view will change for you and your team as below.
    Timesheet Entry
    You may now select the User/Year/Month/Week for entering time. The week selections are dynamic, based on the year and month options that are selected. Below is an image of what a SUBMITTED timesheet will look like.
    Timesheet week view
  4. A timesheet can be in DRAFT / SUBMITTED / APPROVED state.
  5. At the time of creation, the user may elect to Save and Submit at the same time.
  6. A timesheet can then be moved to SUBMITTED state and eventually APPROVED by the client, if the option to enable client approval is elected on the settings menu.
  7. You may also download a PDf copy of the timesheet when created.
  8. Search and pagination feature for quick search and retrieval.
    Timesheet approval bulk view

    For the approval role, it is easy to approve timesheets. Select multiple timesheets at once and mark them for approval as shown above.

    Archive/Deleted/Active categories for quick sorting and categorization.

  9. Client Portal view for all timesheets that are created for a specific client. This features enables your clients to view and approve timesheets.
  10. All timesheets once created, can be downloaded as PDF copies. If your logo is uploaded, the timesheets automatically embed your company logo.


In addition to timesheets and approval, we have upgraded the following

  1. Updated the JDK version to the latest binary
  2. MyBatis library upgrades
  3. Bug fixes and optimizations on the software, faster performance.


With each passing month we improve the offering of the product, so you can grow your business. Saving you time and money, keeping your data safe is our priortity and the continued commitment to that objective is our goal. We hope you appreciate this release and continue to send us feedback, so we can get better at serving you.

Write to us at Until next time :-)


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