BluePay payment gateway
Aditya (Ady) - 30 October 2016

Hey there :-) We are now supporting payment processed via Bluepay payment gateway. Bluepay is a leading payment processor and we are excited to enable integration with their platform. For merchants that want to use Bluepay, this integration is valuable and needed.


The setup is simple and very similar to other payment gateways we have configured in the software. Based on the screen below, you will need the ACCOUNT ID and your SECRET KEY. These are specific to your account and different values for TEST/LIVE mode. Once you have the keys correctly configured, go ahead save the values. These keys will be used when payment is processed via BluePay. The mode enables verification in TEST or LIVE mode, so you can first verify the integration and then proceed to flip the switch to process the payments in LIVE mode.
Blue Pay Payment Gateway

Accept credit cards online

Once the gateway is activated, you may proceed to email your clients the invoice that you wish to be paid for. Please remember to grant your client, portal access via the Client Detail screen. When the client logs in to their portal, they will view the unpaid invoice and choose to "Pay" it online.
Blue Pay Payment Credit Cards
Upon clicking the client (customer) will be taken to the payment screen below, where they can enter the payment details and the payment will be processed via BluePay. Also note, we do not store your credit card information on our servers, to minimize the risk of theft.
That is it, the payment will be processed and a PDF receipt will be generated for your customer for future reference. Happy Payment Acceptance via BluePay!!
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