November Release Notes - 2016
Aditya (Ady) - 01 November 2016

Welcome to another edition and update from billmywork. We are so excited and stoked to provide all the features we have worked so hard on to enable this month. There are so many features and upgrades that we ended up breaking this blog posting up to showcase each in detail.

At billmywork, we are driven to provide you the most bang for your buck and keep releasing better software at no cost to you. There is plenty to mention here and by far this is my "longest" blog posting yet :-) Enjoy!

Alright, so lets get started with what we are adding in this release.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateways
The month of October we focused on enabling as many payment gateways within our software. As a result of our concentrated efforts we now support 10+ leading payment gateways for processing payments via credit cards.

When an invoice is created, and the payment gateway of your choice is enabled, you may mark that invoice for accepting online payments via the selection as shoen below.

Payment Gateways Supported
We will continue to support as many gateways we learn that small business owners use for accepting credit cards. Want a gateway supported?
Beanstream Payment Gateway
You may choose to accept credit cards via Beanstream payment gateway. Setup your account at beanstream and then use the settings from within billmywork to accept payments for your invoices.
Beanstream Payment Gateway
Bluepay Payment Gateway
You may choose to accept credit cards via Bluepay payment gateway. Setup your account at BluePay and then use the settings from within billmywork to accept payments for your invoices.
Blue Pay Payment Gateway
Worldpay Payment Gateway
You may choose to accept credit cards via Worldpay payment gateway. Setup your account at Worldpay and then use the settings from within billmywork to accept payments for your invoices.
Worldpay Payment Gateway Details

Search Enhancements

Timesheet Search
Our team is growing and our consulting practice is expanding. As a direct consequence of this growth, we are managing timesheets for our consulting team. Searching timesheets was painful before, and we needed this feature to quickly view the timesheets for a specific user in a time range. This answers questions whether the team member has submitted their timesheet for the period and uploaded an attachment as well.
Purchase Order Search
You may search purchase orders by a range of criteria now, this will help you in finding your data quickly, when you need it.
Expense Search
Searching expenses is pretty darn useful. More importantly is the ability to download a receipt that was uploaded for a specific expense. Using the search feature, we now enable this quick data retrieval so you can find and view your data quickly than ever before.

Feature Upgrades

SMTP Settings
By default we use Amazon SES, email service to send outbound emails. However some of you may want to use your own SMTP servers to manage outbound emails. By providing this feature, you may now route all emails originating from billmywork to your own SMTP servers.
Software Upgrade
We have upgraded binaries where needed and the software is using the latest release for all our core binaries. Client side changes have also reduced code by 10% and we have optimized and improved how we serve data via the browser.
Performance upgrades
Every release we take the opportunity to improve performance of the software, either by reducing code, optimizing our infrastructure or simply bumping up dependencies so you benefit from it right away.

Quickbooks Online Integration

A majority of business owners currently conduct business using Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks online. At billmywork we believe in our customers picking the right tool for their business. Quickbooks is awesome at handlng your accounting, but time tracking and invoicing, not so much. This is where we want to provide value to our customers.
We have begun laying the foundation of integration with Quickbooks online that will enable data synchronization between billmywork and Quickbooks online. Watch out this space for an update on this effort.
More to come...
There is so much more to come, as we continue to close out this year with a bang and offer a mature, complete billing software to our customers. For more questions, inquiries you may Contact Us
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