SMTP Server Settings
Aditya (Ady) - 03 November 2016

In our previous blog posting we briefly mentioned the SMTP server setting feature. Here we explain the feature in slight more detail and how you can benefit from it. Ok, so....we are releasing the ability for our customers to send emails via their own SMTP server. This is useful when you want to store all outgoing emails and trace how the system is handling your emails. The section below will describe how this feature can be configured.


The settings are available under the Settings > Account menu. Click the SMTP Server option once you are on the settings page.

You will be presented with the screen below. Enter the requisite details for your server and once entered, Enable this setting. The "enable" option is important, this is a quick ON/OFF switch you may use, in case your server does not work and you want to revert to the default email service we have in place. Slick eh?

SMTP Server Settings

Other entries will allow yu to cc/bcc to other recipients for all outgoing emails. In the settings above, we have enabled the Google SMTP server (via a service account, you can do that too, if all you send are less than 99 emails a day.

Ok, all set. Now use the Test section to validate your setting, by sending a verification email to an email account. If everything is setup correctly, a TEST email will be sent to the email you wish to receive the message on.

There, you have it, yet another flexible option from our team here :-) Enjoy!

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