Timesheet Search
Aditya (Ady) - 04 November 2016

November is upon us and we have been chugging along, enhancing the platform and adding features that will help you save time and money. We want to be the most affordable option for you to manage your small business accounting, period. As our business has grown the need to manage hours for ur services has also increased. Multiple employees at various clients on different projects coupled with attachments for each, makes it hard to figure out if an employee/contractor has entered details accurately.

We are now offering the ability to search timesheets using a range of criteria. Prominent in the feature is to filter data by users based on a time range, making it easier for you to figure out whether the employee has entered their details accurately.

Timesheet Search

To use the feature, navigate to Search > Timesheet and enter your filter criteria, as shown below.

Search timesheets

This feature has been incubating for a while and we decided it was time for it to be released. It is now super easy to download attachments uploaded by your employees and then view quickly. In the future we will offer the ability to download a few selection as a zip file, in case you want to send it along to your customers or for internal review.

Enjoy :-)

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