Document Search | Client/Server Upgrades
Aditya (Ady) - 05 October 2016

Welcome to another edition and update from billmywork. We continue to evolve the software and add features that will make it easier for you to manage your business. In this release, we are adding the ability for you to search on documents that are uploaded. This is an extremely useful feature that will allow you to retrieve documents that are attached to timesheets, invoices, estimates and even retrieve expenses so you can download quickly and review if needed.

We are also upgrading binaries in the software where needed. These updates includes changes on our platform as well as client side updates.

Alright, so lets get started with what we are adding in this release.

Document Search

A few times each week, for running our consulting business, I need to follow up with my employees and contractors if they have uploaded attachments along with filling the timesheet for the week. What ensues is an email exchange that distracts me from the purpose of invoicing for the time we are working for the client.

With a document search feature, I can verify from the interface itself, if a specific user has indeed attached any document that is "Timesheet" between a specified date range. The same search can be applied to several other document attachments, that may have been made, so you can get to your data quicker than before.

Search documents

Client updates

Our client side libraries have been trailing the upgrades that have been on our merge queue for some time now. We bit the bullet this time around and have upgraded our client side javascript dependencies to the latest versions where needed.

  1. jQuery is now running 3.x
  2. Select 2 is now running 4.0.3
  3. Other dependencies have been applied as necessary.

Server Updates

Several bug fixes are in place now, some edge cases that apply to plan upgrades are in place. We updated server binaries to latest version where needed and notable is the release of Hibernate-5.2.3.Final

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