Manage multiple business | New pricing plans
Aditya (Ady) - 27 September 2016

Where has September gone? Welcome to another edition of billmywork updates. I am extremely pleased to release the updated version this October and so excited for the future. This is a massive update for us, we have changed the core of our implementation to allow customers to manage multiple businesses under the same account. That we did it in such less time and with minimum fuss is a testament to the solid foundation on which the platform continues to evolve.

Alright, so lets get started with a breakdown of all changes in this release

  1. Multiple businesses
  2. New Pricing Tiers
  3. Java and library upgrades
  4. Bug fixes and performance upgrades

Multiple businesses

For users under the VALUE/PRO plan, there is an option to manage multiple business under the same account.

This is an incredibly useful option, for freelancers or small business owners alike that operate multiple business accounts.

On login, if your plan allows you will be presented with the option to select your business. Once selected, that business will be referenced while storing your data. This is a clean separation of your data and allows you to operate with peace of mind.

Multiple Business Accounts

Pricing Tiers

Along with the new features and binary updates we are also rolling out an improved pricing tier. We evaluated our software and the value proposition when compared to other providers such as Freshbooks or Quickbooks. To continue to evolve and the build out the mobile capabilities would need more investment of our time and additional resources. While work has begun on our API targeted for mobile platforms, we know that our product offering can only improve when we offer flexible pans to our customers and still keep the software an affordable option.

View updated pricing and options.

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