Paypal - Payment Gateway Integration
Aditya (Ady) - 18 October 2016

Welcome to another edition of updates from billmywork, the easy and affordable accounting software for small business owners. October is turning out to be our busiest and most productive month yet. There have been so many updates and upgrades and new features added, we have even surprised ourselves!

Ok, so here goes. Paypal is now supported for accepting credit cards from customers. The integration is similar to other payment gateway providers, in that the account setup must be initiated with Paypal prior to using the details with our software. To sign up with paypal and create an account you may Click here.

Paypal Payment Gateway


Using Paypal as a payment processor, you are now able to accept payments for your invoices using credit cards. To enable this integration, you must create an account with - Paypal and provide the details needed to our software. In short, two items are needed - an API Key and a password.

THe API Key and password are available for SANDBOX and PRODUCTION environments. You will need both , in order to verify that the integration will work and your customers will be able to pay you using credit cards.

At first, use the SANDBOX details and enter those values in the software as shown below. These keys are for your account and can be obtained from Paypal at the time of account setup with them.

Paypal Payment Gateway Details


Once the settings are entered and the account is setup correctly, sandbox or production, if needed and invoice can be picked and the online payment mode can be set to the selected payment gateway of your choice. In this case, PayPal. If the client has portal access, then they are able to login to the portal, and view the invoice details. If they want, they could elect to pay the invoice using a credit card and enter all the relevant information as shown below.

Paypal Payment Gateway Information Credit card processing

Your client can then hit "Submit Payment" and the payment will flow through. Easy!

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