April 2017 Release
Ady - 07 April 2017

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to another edition of the releases and upgrades we are performing to our product. We continue to evolve and improve the product, and this month we are releasing our integration with Square Payments If you are a business that uses Square and want to make use of processing payments for your business through square, using this integration, we will make it seamless for your business.

This month we are releasing the following updates to the software.

  • Square Payments
  • Performance and upgrades

Square Payments

Ready to accept payments via Square. No problem. It is now very simple to do just that using our product billmywork The following sequence will describe how the integration is achieved.


From the left menu under Integration, select the "Square" option. Use the connect button to initiate connectivity with Square.

Square Integration

At this point you will be asked for your Square credentials and authorizing access to billmywork for delegating payment processing to Square on your behalf. The sequence is seamless and we handle the integration behind the scene, so there is no need for you to look for any specific "API" keys.

OAuth2 Integration with Square - merchant profile

Once access is granted, we retrieve the locations for which you can process the payments. These locations are shown alongside the ability to manage the connectivity. One cool feature of this integration is that, once you have established connectivity, we take over and ensure that there is no need to reconnect, unless manually revoked by the user.

Merchant Processing Location for Square - Associate to invoice

Now when the invoice is prepared we can select the payment option as "Square" and select a location to be used for processing payment for this invoice. From the customer portal when the customer is ready to make a payment, they will be presented with the credit card screen and the payment will be processed.

Square Credit card processing

And you are all set.

Performance and upgrades

All server side binaries are upgraded along with client side changes, including user interface refactor to make the software even easier to use. We continue to improve and make our product an affordable option for small business users and freelancers alike.

More in the coming few weeks, have a great weekend everyone!

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