February Release
Ady - 10 February 2017

Hello and welcome to yet another release update from us here at billmywork. As usual we are working very hard to enhance the features in our offering. We are extremely happy to release the updated version of billmywork Below you will find details on all that has changed, all that is about to change and new features that our customers can expect from us in the near future.

Unlike other vendors, we want you to be in the loop of where the software is headed, so you can better assess whether our goals align with yours and that we can offer a service at a competitive price to you.

Alright, so let us get started, there is a lot to cover in this release.


  • Site redesign
  • Database upgrade
  • Binary Update(s)
  • Performance upgrades
  • Mobile app
  • Upcoming features

Site redesign

For the last few weeks we have made changes to the website to make it easier for our customers to find information. The navigation bar is simplified and the content reflects the core features of our offering. We took extra care to organize information that will be easier to find, as a result.

It is easy to login to your billmywork account via your Google account, so the experience is seamless to you when navigating from one application to another. A few taps on the screen and we let you in, after authenticating of course.

We also plan to provide tutorials using videos, making it easier for you to use the software. You may expect that from us in the coming weeks.

Database ugrade - PostgresSQL - 9.6

Woot!! we are now running the latest version of the "World's most advanced database" - PostgreSQL. With the recent events at Gitlab and an unfortunate situation of data loss, we took it upon ourselves that we could recover quickly in case any such disaster stuck. We are not a $20 million funded startup, but we have a decent backup process in place. We took the time to validate that everything is working as expected and backups/restoration procedures are in place.

Postgres- Worlds most advanced open source database

Binary updates

With each release we take every opportunity to include the latest versions of binaries that make up the platform. We have upgraded the software to use the updated versions wherever available. Spring/Hibernate and several other core libraries are on the latest versions now. We wonder whether our customers care what software the product is running under the hood, just like when I go to buy a car, I like knowing the materials used in making the car are of high quality. Best to be informed that you are in good hands with us.

Performance upgrades

Performance is such a big deal to us. We pride in our ability to write software that consumes the minimal resources for maximum results. It is no easy task to tune the application at different touch points. From memory usage on the database, server side code and memory changes on the server to client side binaries with caching and minimization, we want to make sure you move through the application quickly. The application must respond quickly to each request and help you finish tasks faster and efficiently.

So we went ahead and did a bunch of updates on the client side, most importantly we leveraged the mod_pagespeed module from the awesome folks at google to get a good performance bump.

If you are running your site, go ahead find out if you are optimized for the mobile world yet. Use the Google Mobile Testing Tool to find out your scores, you might be surprised at all the things you will need to do to get your scores up.

Google Mobile Web testing score for

Nothing wrong with these scores, we load a bunch of images for showcasing our product, but yes there is room for improvement here. We liked the tool, the suggestions were very useful and we know what will improve as we optimize the product further. Make no mistake we are going to be "blazing fast".


We are porting our desktop implementation (browser based) to the mobile browser as of this writing. Users will be able to perform a majority of their mobile tasks, such as uploading pictures, sending emails, taking notes, approving timesheets , all via their mobile devices. This will enhance user experience and help you take your data with you at all times.

What about native/hybrid apps? While we feel native apps definitely add to the user experience, they also come with a longer development/testing cycle and require a much bigger effort than what we can support in our current capacity. We are a small team and we focus on providing value to our customers at a lower cost, function at an affordable price. It is not to say we will never go full native on the mobile platforms , iOS/Android, it just will not happen in the next few months.

We believe our browser based (responsive) application on the mobile phone can achieve the objectives for our users. Stay tuned as we roll it out in the near future.

Upcoming features

  • Recurring Invoices
  • Multi Factor Authentication
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