Mailchimp Integration
Aditya (Ady) - 23 January 2017

Releasing our integration with Mailchimp today, very excited and pleased that the platform is maturing and the integration road map is being completed at a steady pace. Mailchimp is used for managing campaigns and newsletters for your customer base. It is the leading platform to maintain communication and build relaationships with your customers and keep them informed of your business and deals as they occur.

Mailchimp Setup

Api Key

For starters you will need an account in Mailchimp, you may create one here Once your account is created, you may navigate to the Extras selection to fetch your API key.

This is the API key you will need in order to establish connectivity between billmywork and mailchimp

mailchimp api keys setup

Billmywork Setup

Settings - List management

Click under Settings tab on the left menu. Select Mailchimp from the available options.

Enter the API key as shown below and enable the integration via the checkbox. Save your settings.

Once the settings are saved, then we need to establish connectivity with mailchimp. Using the Refresh List option. Clicking that, if everything is setup as above, then your lists in Mailchimp will be retrieved.

Managing your lists is done outside of billmywork. A list created in mailchimp is not retrieved automatically. One must refresh the list and store it when an update is made on mailchimp.

Store the retrieved lists and select a Master list. This helps us determine a default list to store contacts under, in case the customer is not associated with any specific list

Save and you are done.

mailchimp api keys setup


Execution and Results

If everything is setup correctly, your customers will show up in Mailchimp as soon as the sync process is complete, ususally within 24 hours.

We perform daily sync, in order to reduce the load on the software. The sync is near real time, as a "real-time" imposes and unnecessary load on the software.

Usually one can expect the list members to show up around 10 am the following day.

mailchimp subscribers


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