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Aditya (Ady) - 17 January 2017

Happy new year everyone. Let 2017 be the best year ever for your well being in all aspects of your lives. I know it has been awfully quiet over here, but that cannot be mistaken for no activity whatsoever on our product development front and what we have in store for you this year. Beginning right away, we are releasing google integration for login as well as signing up into the software.

Google Integration

Login with google
So you already have an account with google and want to re-use the same for billmywork. No problem, we have enabled that integration and now you can just sign in with your google account and use the software without ever needing to recruit your password from memory.
Login with google
Signup with google
We have made it even easier to create an account using your google account. Seamless integration that you can simply switch between software and we handle the integration behind the scene.
Account with google

We are busy working on enabling Mailchimp integration as well as integrating with QuickBooks Online. Stay tuned, we will be releasing that very shortly.

Until next time :-) Enjoy!

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