March 2017 Release
Ady - 16 March 2017

Another busy month for us here at billmywork. This March release is packed with goodness that we know will help you manage your business even better. We have taken feedback from our customers and made improvements across several data flows and added more features that have been in our development pipeline for a month or so.

This month we are releasing the following updates to the software. We are extremely happy that we developed these in a relatively short time frame, in a truly agile manner. We appreciate any feedback you have for us, so we can continue to evolve the product and make your life easier.

  • Recurring Invoice Profiles
  • Razor Pay Payment Gateway
  • Facebook/Linkedin/Google Signup
  • Search improvements - Projects
  • Binary upgrades, bug fixes and performance

Let us explore all the above in detail, so you know what the options are and how you may use these features to your benefit.

Recurring Invoice Profiles

This feature has been in our development pipeline for more than a month and we know a lot of our customers will benefit from this automation. A recurring invoice profile allows you to create and send an invoice to your customer on a pre-defined schedule. This works like an auto-pilot, you define the schedule and prepare the invoice, and on each occurrence of that specific schedule and invoice is generated and the desired action is performed.

Automating sending invoices and reminders makes it easier for you to bill your customers.


Here are the steps you need to take to create a recurring profile.

  • From the left menu, click "New" under the invoice section
  • Enter the invoice details as you would like selecting the client, payment terms and project etc.
  • Save the invoice.
  • Click on the "Recurring" button to launch a modal window.
  • Select recurring options and save
  • You have now created a recurring profile for this invoice.

Recurring Invoice Profile

Once a recurring profile is created, it will continue to execute within the threshold of the parameters that you have defined. A profile can have the following parameters that control the execution of the profile.

  • Enable or disable the profile
  • Name the profile - unique for future use
  • Action - The action to perform on each execution
  • Start Date - The date on which to begin this profile
  • Frequency and Period of execution
  • Maximum occurrences

Using the above criteria we are able to define the boundary of execution and the software takes care of the rest, automating this profile on a pre-defined schedule. On the Recurring left menu option, you may then Start/Pause the profile as your need and there are helpful indicators to identify when an invoice is in fact created from a recurring profile.

Razor Pay Gateway

We now integrate with Razor Pay payment gateway to process invoices and payments billed in Indian Rupees (INR) Learn more about RazorPay here. The integration process is similar to how other gateways are integrated, please refer to the razor pay site to create your merchant account and provide the details as needed to billmywork and we will process the payment using Razorpay as the processor.

Razor Pay payment gateway

Facebook/LinkedIn/Google Sign up

We have made it easier than before to sign up with using your Google/Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. This reduces the amount of passwords you have to remember, you authenticate with the provider and we log you in automatically. Easy.

Google/Facebook/Linkedin Integration

Project Search

You have the ability to search on projects now. You may filter projects by assigned users, clients, status and start/end dates. This will make it easier for you to locate the project that you need to view in detail.

Project Search

Binary upgrades, bug fixes and performance

All binary dependencies have been updated to the current releases and we have applied bug fixes where needed. Performance improvements have also been made to make your experience smoother and error-free. We hopw you enjoy this release and continue to use the platform to make your business easier to manage.

Until next month, from everyone here, have a terrific rest of your March 2017.

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