Recurring Expenses and more
Ady - 04 May 2017

Hey Everyone!

A warm hello and welcome to the May 2017 release update. We have added a tonne of features to this release and know for sure, you will save more time by using these updates.

For the month of May - 2017 we are adding the following capabilities in the software.

  • Recurring Expenses
  • Account Aging View
  • Invoice - Updates
  • Estimate - Updates
  • Free Invoice Creator
  • Bug Fixes/ Upgrades
  • Upgrades

Recurring Expenses

Expenses can now be created and set to occur on a defined interval with thresholds as needed. Recurring expenses now work similar to how recurring invoices are setup. Once an expense is created, you may elect to set it up as a recurring expense by using the recurring option on the screen. Per the defined schedule, the expense will be created for you auto-magically. You may set the expense to occur for a defined number of times or even pause the expense occurrence if needed. Automating your everyday tasks will help you save time and money, so you can take care of "other" important stuff.

Account aging report

Everyone likes to get paid on time, but in reality that just does not happen. We are adding the ability for you to see an account aging view. This view will let you see which one of your clients are delaying payments and by how much time. This helps you chase down customers that are super late in payments. We think you will love this feature. Go ahead, we hope you like it :-)

Invoice - Updates


We have added the ability for you to enter your client's TAX ID and your own TAX ID to an invoice. For a client, when the TAX ID is available, we auto-populate the invoice screen with that information, don't worry for your business as well.

Miscellaneous items

At times we need to make an entry into an invoice which is a one time fee and not related to any project or service or even an expense. We are adding the ability to add miscellaneous items to an invoice. The section appears right after the services section and you are then allowed to enter as many single row items as needed.

Private Notes

Want to store notes for an invoice for your needs only? We have you covered, now you can take notes and store it for this invoice alone. These are for you needs only and not viewable by your client.

PDF Processing

The PDF format for an invoice has been improved and better spacing allows the invoice to be read much easier than before. We have also made significant improvements in rendering time, so you should see a faster "download" than before.


The miscellaneous item feature on invoices is also available on estimates. PDF generation is faster here as well.

Free Invoice Creator

We are also providing the ability to create a PDF invoice for free for general purpose use. You may use it for your daily needs. We do not keep a record of these invoices, these are only generated once and on demand. Access the Free Invoice Creator

Bug fixes and performance improvements

The stability of the software has been improved and multiple bugs are squashed. We continue to evolve at a rapid pace to keep up with growing demands and the needs of our customers. Binary upgrades of libraries where needed as well as client side code reduction will result in improved performance times across the board.

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